Track and Record Workplace Injuries and Illnesses, both OSHA Recordable and Non-Recordable Incidents.



Instant On-site Accident Reporting for Any Size or Type of Fleet. Report a Problem Any Time, Anywhere.


icon_paperworkPrinted Forms and Cumbersome Clipboards Are a Thing of the Past with io Sweep’s Patent Pending Sweeping Technology.

With io Sweep you can quickly create virtually any type of report on your smart mobile device, fill it out, and send it to everyone you need. Record information, get signatures, capture and send photos, videos, and even diagrams, all from the convenience of your smart device. And with convenient speech to text transcription, you don’t even have to type to fill out forms! Don’t waste any more money on expensive paper forms that cause clutter and require manual filing. Instead, discover just how easy creating, filing, and sharing your forms can be with io Sweep. 









1. Fill out Form

Filling out a report is simple and straightforward. Fields marked with a red dot are required, while all others are optional. Completed fields are marked with a green checkmark for quick reference. Also, an intuitive menu offers instant access to a variety of custom reports, so the perfect one is just a touch away.

2. Sweep Report

Once all required fields on the report form are complete, simply touch the Sweep button to sweep all the collected information from the phone and send it to the report administrator. Sweeping the information automatically collects all text, maps, photos, and even video clips associated with the report and instantly sends it to the administrator. This ensures that no information concerning the report is left on the device and saves hours of data entry and subpoenas for the users’ devices.

3. Report Delivered

As soon as a report is swept, the administrator receives a notification, thus eliminating the need to hunt down reports. With the new report, an administrator can immediately access all of the information, forward it to selected parties, file it, or even track statistics and trends. No matter how you use it, io Sweep is the easiest and most robust report tool that makes gathering information easy. Start your free 30-day trial today.



Push Notifications

Get instant notification when a new report arrives. Customize who receives which reports and stop wasting time and money waiting for paper forms, postal delivery, or blurry faxes.

Photos and Videos

Attach multiple photos and video and send it all together in one easy-to-view report.

GPS and Time Stamped

Know exactly when and where a report happened with locations, photos, and diagrams powered by Google Maps™.

Report Writer

Stop wasting time and money on data entry. All your report information is instantly available for spreadsheets and comprehensive reports. It couldn’t be easier.

Thousands of Forms Available

Create virtually any type of form you need in just minutes. Download built-in templates or customize your own – all without bothersome paperwork.

Secure Admin Portal

Receive, review, update, and manage every aspect of the reporting process with the secure administrator portal. You decide who you want as administrators and let them manage the entire back end, anytime, anywhere.

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